"Lucia is a wonderful musician and teacher full of insight to help you be a better musician and vocalist ... Lucia helps her students achieve success in becoming the best they can be."

- Michael O’Dell
Composer/ Lyricist

"Quickly after taking lessons with Lucia I could feel and people could hear my voice transforming. Not only did my voice transform, Lucia taught and still teaches me how to sing properly so my voice will last and stay strong. Now, when I sing for people they ask, without question, "How long have you been taking singing lessons?" I cringe when I think about having to take voice lessons with another teacher. Lucia teaches in a way that is straightforward, and with hard work is easy to apply. "

- Monika Pittman
  Singer / Songwriter / Music Business

"Having studied with some of the best instructors in the world at the University of Southern California as well as the Juilliard School and the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England, I can honestly say that I would not be the performer I am today without the amazing instruction and incredible support of Lucia Scardigno ... I still apply the principals I learned very early in my vocal career from this truly special and gifted teacher ... If anyone has the chance to study with her, take my advice, DO NOT let the opportunity pass!"

Jeff Payton
Actor / Singer / Dancer

"Lucia is the most gifted voice teacher I have ever worked with. She helped me truly learn what proper vocal technique and care means by understanding my specific needs as a student, and really knowing my singing ability and goals inside and out. She becomes a mentor, a guide, and a friend, and has really helped me find the beauty and full potential of my voice."

Melissa Harding
Actor / Singer / Songwriter



"Lucia's vocal training prepared me for my college vocal performance auditions. As I result, I was admitted to NYU, one of the finest musical theater programs in the country and received a vocal scholarship. The vocal training and mentoring I received from Lucia has been instrumental in allowing me to live my dream as a professional musical theater actor."

Stephanie Barnum
Actor / Singer


"Lucia has a way of calling the higher potential in your natural voice to the forefront. She finds different ways to physicalize the training experience including bending and breathing exercises. She walks her students through conceptualizing a piece of music and interpreting the words, rhythms and pitches to prepare a well rounded, polished performance. Her outlook on singing is also very diverse and inclusive. She offers help with contemporary, theater, classical, jazz and even original music styles of singing. A final strongpoint of her instructiion is that it never gets old. In fact, it has changed and morphed with my vocal needs. I use her training whenever I perform, teach or write music. If you want to establish an initial ability or refine a standing vocal instrument, Lucia will be an amazing resource to enhance your talent."

Jonathan Smothers
                          Actor / Singer / Songwriter / Director


"I met Lucia Scardigno in the 1997 Willows Theatre Production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. She had the most extraordinary voice that survived 6 weeks of 7 shows a week without wavering. Every night that she sang Climb Every Mountain, I would say, "I want to sing like that!" So I approached her and asked if she would take me on as a voice student and to my delight, she agreed! Because I learned proper technique and voice placement I now have one of the most versatile voices in the industry. I can sing pop, jazz, classical, show tunes, heck, Lucia even taught me how to belt like a black woman! She is by far the best vocal coach around and you oughtta hear her sing. What a set of pipes!"

Michelle Ianiro
Actor / Singer / Playwright


"I began singing with Lucia Scardigno about two years ago. For a guy who was afraid of his own shadow, I have now performed to much accolades in two recitals. As a practicing Urologist and father, this has been an incredible outlet for a very stressful life. Never having sung a note in my life, I am now singing in tune. My spirits are soaring high as ever with the feeling that I can sing so many wonderful songs. She gives you confidence, phenomenal instruction and incredible support. Not only does she support you, but her students are supportive of each other at recital time. Lucia is a master at reaching even those who thought they could never sing a note in their lives and making them into remarkable singers. I am truly amazed."

David Kleinerman


"I have been a devoted student of Lucia Scardigno for 20 years! She has guided me through every step of my career. From the very first lesson Lucia has nurtured my voice and been a pillar of support. I believe so much in her techniques that I am now a voice teacher myself implementiing the vocal foundation that Lucia bestowed upon me. I highly recommend Lucia Scardigno to all singers, from beginners to professionals."

Tielle Baker
Actor / Singer / Dancer / Vocal Instructor
www.tiellebaker.com and www.musicboxsong.com



"I have known Lucia for about 6 years now. I took voice lessons religiously for about 4 years. In that time I have found Lucia to not only be an exceptional voice teacher, but an exceptional friend. She really cares about each and every one of her students deeply, and therefore is dedicated to each student's success."

Sarah Mankowski
Singer / Author



"Combine a guardian angel, a prima donna, and a great teacher. Voice training with Lucia has been one of the best decisions of my life. Her knowledge of music and training techniques are top-notch, and has pushed me to levels I never thought I was capable of. Lucia is selfless. Whenever I need someone to talk to, she is always there for me. Unlike other voice teachers I've trained with, Lucia has a passion that's unmatched - she teaches because she loves it and truly cares about her students. There's no one out there like her. She is a delight and is one of the sweetest people I know."

                                      Noah Lagin
Actor / Cinematographer


"Lucia has been a mentor, friend, and family to me since I started lessons with her at age 8. She has the warmest heart, most nurturing soul, and is passionate about her work. I completely trust my voice in her hands and owe her many thanks for years of encouragement, tough love, and confidence in me. She will push you to your best voice, and best of all, believe in you!"

Jarusha Ariel
Actor / Singer



"Lucia combines sound and experienced vocal technique with a personal and loving connection with her students. She has remained my constant among voice teachers!"

- Nick Volkert
Actor / Singer




"We find Lucia Scardigno a multi-faceted artist encompassing a plethora of talents. Her glorious singing voice spans many a genre: from Gershwin and Berlin to Verdi and Bizet. Lucia's bubbly personality and high energy approach to her artistic projects lends ease working with other people creating high level results both in her teaching and performing. This elegant professional lady is adored by her peers and her students."

Robert Roger, Rama Entertainment
Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist / Producer


"I have been a student of Lucia's since I was eight years old. She has coached and guided me from my very first solo in a youth theatre troupe, to my first leading role in a professional musical production. The techniques and good habits she taught and instilled in me have carried my voice through months of intense rehearsals and performances with my voice remaining strong and healthy from beginning to end. It has been eighteen years since I first started studying with Lucia, and I am now working as a professional actor in Los Angeles.  Especially in this profession, I have truly come to appreciate the power and value of one's voice, and I owe that awareness to Lucia. She is a phenomenal teacher whose knowledge and passion are beyond compare. Whether you aspire to light up the stages of Broadway or just want to sing in your shower, Lucia will take your voice to its fullest potential and help you to fulfill your dreams!"

Ashley Glenn
Actor / Singer


"I feel fortunate to have begun my vocal training at the age of 14 with Lucia. Now, as a director of my own youth theatre company, many of my students work with her with exciting results. I feel confident recommending her to anyone interested in becoming a better singer."

Clay Rosenthal, Director of Wunderkind Theatre Co.
Actor / Singer / Songwriter / Playwright / Director


"Lucia has a way of motivating my singing, compelling me to always try my hardest and take her advice.  Her analogies on the singing technique are always creative, so they are forever instilled in my brain.  The analogies help me kick old bad habits and learn to sing the 'right way'."

Ashley Hunter
Actor / Singer


"There is nothing I looked forward to more than my weekly lessons with Lucia.  This is not to say that taking lessons with Lucia was easy.  Oh no.  Engaging, challenging, exhausting and productive, yes, but never easy.  While there's not messing around or going through the motions in Lucia's lessons, there are certainly lots of laughs.  Over the course of my seven years singing with Lucia, my voice has matured, blossomed and improved more than I thought possible.  With Lucia's help I was able to audition and perform with confidence and poise, not to mention a polished song that I was proud of."

Scout Katovich


"Lucia is a wonderful musician and teacher full of insight to help you be a better musician and vocalist. Using tried and true vocal techniques and disciplines from her own training, Lucia helps her students achieve success in becoming the best you can be. Over the years, Lucia’s passion for music and teaching has helped many singers prepare for college and beyond. On top of everything she offers as a teacher, she is a wonderful person who offers a big heart to everyone she meets."

- Michael O’Dell
Composer/ Lyricist