"Lucia is a wonderful musician and teacher full of insight to help you be a better musician and vocalist ... Lucia helps her students achieve success in becoming the best they can be."

- Michael O’Dell
Composer/ Lyricist



How can I help you achieve your goals?  How can I help you expand your potential?  How can I help you become an excellent performer?  How can we expand your musical repertoire?  I'm always looking for these answers.  To achieve them I get to know each student well.  And they get to know me.  If we are going to get results, we have to work together.

Every student is different.  Although there are most definitely standard expectations in all the different vocal genres, the individual quality of one's voice is the unique vehicle that will make a song memorable.  My goal is always to bring out the individual voice while still achieving the goals required for the song being sung.  That can be a glorious shimmer on an operatic aria, the bright edge on a broadway belt, the smokiness of a jazz standard, or the "raw" sound of a rock drive.

Vocal technique (or vocal delivery) is thoroughly explained and drilled.  The foundation of my approach to teaching is the bel canto technique - which is great for the overall health of the voice and to encourage the most beautiful and effective tones.  In addition, I coach my students in a variety of other techniques to help them achieve the goals of the repertoire they are learning.

The coachiing aspect of my teaching includes thorough preparation of material for auditions, performances or simple educational traiining.  This can include anything from phrasing and dynamics to languages to performance styles.

Many young singers aspiring to further their education at leading musical colleges and conservatories choose to commit to "The Fast Track". If you're serious about getting in, and you're willing to bite the bullet, I specialize in preparing students for this competitive audition process. Students will be guided in choosing the best material for auditions, drilled in refining vocal delivery and coached extensively to achieve the very best level of performance possible for these auditions. All of my students who have completed this extensive preparation have secured acceptances at universities and conservatories of their choosing, i.e., NYU, USC, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, UCLA - to name a few.

*Start singing in your youth to develop the best singing habits early.

*If you've been singing professionally, make sure you've got the highest polish on your voice - and expand your repertoire choices!

*And, if you've always wanted to sing, but never felt you knew how to make a good tone, don't wait any longer. I have had many adults who started singing well into middle age who have opened a door to a long held dream. They sing - and not just for themselves. Many go on to fulfill those dreams of performances, too. Remember Susan Boyle...?